Wedding Tips

5 ways to ensure your wedding day goes smoothly.

1. Get your hair and makeup done before your bridal party.
You are the most important person on your wedding day, if you aren’t ready when it is go time you are going to run into all sorts of scheduling issues. Getting your primping done first will allow you take a breath and not feel so stressed, like you are holding up the day.  A rushed bride is never a happy bride.

2. Allow enough time for photography.
You can always count on the time you allot for photography being cut due to unforeseen events – everyone is not ready, weather issues, ceremony running over, etc, etc.  Always allot more time that you think you need.  Usually two hours is a safe amount of time for portraits if you have it. The worst thing that can happen is that you end up with free time and use it for a touch up or perhaps a quiet moment together. **This is of course if you have the time in your wedding day schedule.**

3. Transportation direction confirmation.
It is very important that your driver knows where he or she is going. Make sure he or she has a GPS, printed directions, addresses, and a planned route. Being late to your wedding, rental location for photos, or any other important place should not be due to a lost driver.

4. Have your vendors served dinner before you (if you are feeding them).
In four years of being a full time wedding photographer I have only been served first once, it was a perfect situation. If the photographer is served last (which is most common), you are finishing while your photographer is starting. If anything exciting happens, it won’t be caught on camera because the vendors are in another room eating. If vendors are served first, they inevitably finished first and prepared for what ever is to happen when you finish eating. With that said, if you are paying for vendor meals this needs to be addressed with the venue before the wedding date and possibly on the day of. They will do it if you request it.  You are paying them a ton of money and they want to make you happy.

5. Cocktail hour.
Often the question is asked…should we attend out cocktail hour? I always say “yes!” Even if it is for half of it, it is a good idea. Here is why. You get to mingle, mingle, mingle! When the reception starts you are going to want to party like it’s 1999, so make sure you talk to as many guests as you can at cocktail hour. This way you can enjoy the reception and get your groove on without worrying who you haven’t chatted with. Another reason is because in my experience, the cocktail hour food is outstanding!

In short, you are throwing the best party that you will ever go to and you are the guests of honor! Hiccups happen, but if you hold your breath, count to ten, take a drink, and take a few precautions, you can help them go away quickly or avoid them entirely.

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