Shayna and Tom – 5.20.2012

I met Shayna and Tom some time ago when they won a cutest couple contest on my website. They had only been dating for a few months at that point, but you would have guessed it was a few years…they had a great dynamic.  Cutest couple photos were followed by engagement photos and engagement photos were followed by wedding photos.  I am honored to have documented this couple’s milestones.

Ceremony in Central Park – Dinner at an uptown restaurant – Dancing and cocktails at a Midtown theater.

The story of Shayna and Tom is just fantastic. An actor from another state moves to New York to pursue his dream. An actress also from another state moves here to pursue her dream of acting on the grandest stage..Broadway. The two met on the set of Romeo and Juliet where they each played the leading roles. I know, this entire story sounds like a fantastic 80’s song that never comes true…Well for Shayna and Tom dreams do come true.

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