Tracy + John – 9.10.2011

Tracy and John were married on the same day that I was married except 5 years later. September 10th, 2011 was the day. The two met in High School and later began dating. They had been together over 6 years before making it official. The knot was tied at the Snapper Inn in Oakdale. It was a bright, sunny fall day. We headed to an arboretum for the first look and reveal. John drills bowling balls as part of player services for the professional bowlers association and Tracy is a correction officer on Long Island.  John is a hardcore video gamer for fun and Tracy enjoys playing as well. Their cake topper was absolutely my favorite that I had ever seen. It was so perfect; an Xbox controller in one hand and a remote in the other. Though this couple has been together for quite a long time, the game is not over…It has just begun.

John + Tracy Wedding Slideshow

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